Community Ministry

   Contact:  Marlys Harsh                                                        Phone:  303/922-1008

                                                                                       Email:  mmharsh@hotmail.com

Parishioners collect food and clothing and other items for “Community Ministry” as

part of the outreach of the parish.


Community Social Events

   Contact:  Steve O’Donnell                                                   Phone:  303/210-6769

                                                                            Email:  steven.r.odonnell@gmail.com

Assists with the planning and executing of social events such as “Ashes-to-go”, BBQ’s,

Easter egg hunt, Square Dances, etc., and other social events involving the wider community.

Diocese of Colorado/Front Range Region

   Contact:  Fr. John Hill                                                          Phone:  210/860-4329

                                                                                      Email:  revjohnshill@gamil.com

Monthly contributions of a percentage of our plate and pledge income is given to The

Diocese of Colorado and it’s Front Range Region to support their ministries and programs.


“The Shield”  Newsletter

   Contact:  Kathy McKinna                                                     Phone:  307/575-1042

                                                                                  Email:  mckinna.kathy@gmail.com

St. PJ’s newsletter “The Shield” is published and edited by Kathy McKinna monthly.


  Pumpkin Patch

      Contact:  Janelle Sadar                                                             Phone:  303/904-6022

                                                                                             Email:  psadar1972@msn.com

  The St. PJ’s pumpkin patch sells pumpkins to the community as an outreach ministry and

  fundraiser for St. PJ’s.  Begins October 12, 2020.

Sunday School

   Contact:  Ruth Ann Rowley-Manro                                        Phone:  303/795-7871

                                                                                             Email: rarm49@hotmail.com

Sunday School “teachers” assist the Sunday School director approximately once a month

with the children during the 10:00am service.  Materials are provided.  The “Safeguarding God’s Children” training is provided through the Diocese of Colorado.


   Contact:  Tom Branch                                                             Phone:  303/935-6690

                                                                                        Email:  tomkatski@comcast.net

The Stewardship Committee assists the Rector with the planning and implementing of

our annual stewardship drive and year-round stewardship.

Youth Group

   Contact:  Sally Aigner                                                            Phone:  303/548-7833

                                                                                       Email:  sallyjaigner@gmail.com

Young people in the church will gather with the rector at noon on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month for various activities and education.

Outreach Committee

    Contact:  Peg Ohlander                                                      Phone:  303/985-1995

                                                                                     Email:  misspeg2000@msn.com

The Outreach Committee meets twice a year to make recommendations to the vestry

about different organizations in need of our financial support.