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Mar 31, 2022
In Christianity Forum
How little there has been it has been whatsapp phone number list widely exploited and spread by the Western propaganda media in local languages, the BBC services, the old CIA apparatuses like Radio Svoboda, Radio Free Asia and the whatsapp phone number list like. The reasons are usually Chinese extractivism of local natural resources, in Kyrgyzstan, or the mistreatment of the Kazakh minority (along with the Uyghurs) of Xinjiang, in Kazakhstan, but the potential is there and could be activated to destabilize a region of a certain Russian whatsapp phone number list condominium. -Chinese. A 1972 in reverse? Both Moscow and Beijing would have preferred to maintain a stable bilateral policy with Washington instead of establishing the current alliance. But the requirement of whatsapp phone number list such a policy is the recognition of the national interests of Russia and China by the United States. That means a diplomatic administration, that is to say agreed and negotiated, of the whatsapp phone number list differences. Today that is not possible, because Washington does not recognize its own limits and its policy is hijacked by a structural militarism that is determined by the enormous political weight of its military-industrial complex in foreign policy decisions, in the representative whatsapp phone number list chambers and in the Presidency of the country. This means that the policies of force (sanctions. Hybrid warfare and military whatsapp phone number list pressure) are clearly ahead of dialogue, negotiation and the search for agreements. If that were to change, it would have immediate consequences on the current equation and very particularly on Russia's attitude. You can change? At the moment there is not the slightest hint of whatsapp phone number list democratization of the United States political system (and, ultimately, canceling that structural militarism presupposes precisely that), but in the future we do not know. The mentality of European whatsapp phone number list and American domination of the world, etched in Western.
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