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salma akter
Jul 28, 2022
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A major trend of the current Internet is rejuvenation. The rise of a series of products such as Douyin and Xiaohongshu reflects the huge energy brought by activating young people. Recently, the Yiche App in the field of automotive Internet has also been revised in accordance with the trend. Let us see how automotive applications are catching up with the trend. 1. Basis for APP revision 1. Users: Make products that young people like The Internet is an industry for young people. It is led and promoted by young people. Any successful Internet product must follow or even lead the needs of young people. The data show that the proportion of young business email list people buying cars is gradually increasing. This is good news for all automotive applications, because young people are highly receptive to the Internet and are more likely to choose, buy, use, and change cars through the Internet. In response to the characteristics of young users who are interested in interesting, interactive, social, and technological products, the Yiche App has added functions such as car reviews, short videos, AR/VR car viewing, and online group chat. 2. Approach: Make user-centric products In previous automotive mobile applications, most of the products and functions were centered on the car, which was less powerful than the recent human-centered layout. The above picture is a user-centric application, which is characterized by attracting users to participate in creating content and then attracting new users. This model has high user stickiness and strong sustainable development ability, and has been adopted by more and more applications. In order to keep up with the trend, Yiche App has also started to create user-centric products. The new version of the product is designed from the user's point of view, which not only makes it easier for users to use, but also makes the product more community-like and increases the user's sense of belonging.
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salma akter

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