Sudanese Ministry

St. PJ’s  hosts a strong and vibrant congregation of Christians from Sudan. These are refugees who had to flee genocidal murder at the hands of the Arab, Muslim government there.  Twelve years ago, by ourselves and on our own initiative, St. PJ’s was the first church to bring a priest from the Episcopal Church in Sudan —Fr. Andrea Lual Arok—from Khartoum to Denver to minister to the growing band of Sudanese here (then called “the Lost Boys”).  By bringing Fr. Andrea here, through Cairo, we saved his life and began the burgeoning Sudanese ministry now worshiping with us, and also at St. John’s Cathedral, Denver.  

You are invited to come worship with the Sudanese, in spirited singing and inspiring devotion at their regular service here, on Sundays at Noon, in the Dinka language (some English translation is provided).  It may seem a little odd at first, but you will certainly know you are at home.