Who are we?


A Word and Worship Church

Our Sunday service of Holy Communion is uplifting and vibrant. It is contemporary and traditional. The Scriptures and the Sacraments ground us in wisdom and balance. In this ever-changing, fast-paced world, our church gives us a sense of meaning, belonging, and purpose.


An Outreach Church

Outreach is core to our identity. Outreach is assisting others with financial, material, spiritual and emotional aid. We seek to love and serve God by loving and serving those around us. Most of our members are passionately involved in ministering, in a tangible way, to those we’ve never met. (Please log onto OUTREACH for a partial list of our local, national, and international involvement).


A Family Church

Our members come from all ages and walks of life: Parents with kids, singles and couples, widowed and divorced; all enjoying one another’s company. We are here to help develop a richer relationship with God, and here for one other.


A Welcoming Church

We are warm and friendly, caring yet care-free. We take life seriously; God seriously; one another seriously, yet we are casual and fun-loving. We get together for barbecues, picnics, parties, game nights, ice-cream socials and luncheons.