The Reverend John S. Hill, Rector


The Rev. John Hill was born and raised in San Antonio Texas and has been married to Holly for 26 years and they have two children Haddie(19)and Emory(16). He was ordained in 1998 and has led churches and camps and conference center ministries in San Antonio, Melbourne Australia, and Kerrville Texas. He came to Colorado to help St. Philip and St. James grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord and grow wider in their relationship with people in the community while enjoying the beautiful mountains through skiing, hiking and fishing!

LIz Evans, Parish Administrator

Steven Nye, Music Director


The Vestry 

Kathy McKinna, Senior Warden

Jim McKinna, Junior Warden

Jim Potter, Treasurer

Holly Chichester, Clerk of the Vestry

Gerard Hallaren

Gordon Goode

Katie Branch

David Deng

Steve O'Donnel

Convention Delegates

Pamela Hallaren                                

Gerard Hallaren                                             


E-MAIL ADDRESSES     PHONE NUMBERS:                                                                                                                Home                  Cell

Fr. John Hill                210-860-4329

Sally Aigner                303/548-7833

Katie Branch              303/935-6690             303/921-5083

Holly Chichester             303/986-5230             303/842-2040

Melanie Christopher             303/462-2396             720/308-6242

David Deng                  720/421-0891

Jeanne Dewey               303/975-2678             303/324-0344

Gordon Goode                                           609/977-9147

Gerard Hallaren                  303/478-1825

Jim McKinna                                                     307/575-1014

Kathy McKinna                                          307/575-1042

Steve O’Donnell                                   303/210-6769

Jim Potter                  303/986-8505


Parish Administrator:

Liz Evans                                                              970/379-2016