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Children's Ministry

St. P.J.’s Children’s Ministry has the most amazing children and brilliant teachers! The lessons come from the Spark Story Bible which provides bible teachings for children in a simple relatable way. When there not hearing the bible story, the children also enjoy puzzles, coloring pages, crafts and interaction with puppets. In December, there are lots of giggles and smiles with a wonderful re-enactment of the nativity. 

Care Team

Our Care Team supports our parishioners by visiting the sick, making meals for shut-ins, celebrating our birthdays and anniversaries, or just being there when we need a friend.

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Bible Study

Bible Study Ministry at St. Philip and St. James allows people the opportunity to grow deeper in their
faith by studying the scripture in a community of people seeking to understand where God is leading
them. There are a variety of different days and times to take part in this ministry.

Community Ministries 

Community Ministries at St. Philip’s and St. James helps people meet people where they are in the
community, serving the needs around us and sharing the love of Christ through our actions. We have a
variety of different ways people can serve.

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Worship Ministries  

Worship ministry at St. Philip and St. James helps people to give thanks and praise to our Lord while
growing in their faith in the word of God and in the sacraments. Serving in the variety of different ways
in worship enables the congregation focus on God as the center of their faith in Jesus Christ through the
power of the Holy Spirit!

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