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April 16, 2024, Vestry Meeting Minutes



Attendees (David Deng absent):
 Gordon Goode
 Rae Garrett
 Sally Aigner
 Tom Branch
 Katie Branch
 Victoria Siracusa
 Craig Siracusa


Expanded Role for Father Albert – several emails and phone conversations with Canon Vanessa
and Father Albert have centered around a possible greater role for Father Albert at PJs.
April 17 th Update – Father Albert emailed Gordon to say that only wants to continue serving as a
Supply Priest

April 21 Parish Meeting – will be set to discuss and prioritize what spiritual duties/activities we
would want a part time priest to perform.

Sunday Service Logistics Manager – there was a consensus that Sunday Services could be run
more smoothly. It was suggested by Rae that we appoint a person who would be responsible
for managing all the pieces necessary for a well-run service. She suggested a candidate and
Gordon will follow up that person and touch base with others on whether a logistics manager
was a good idea.

Baptism on April 28th – Craig has been in contact with Mariah Duran concerning her son Josiah’s
baptism. Mariah will provide the info we need to prepare the baptismal certificate and will let
us know how many family members will attend. Ray has given Cherlyn the order of service for
the bulletin, and Victoria went over baptismal logistics with Father Will and Joanna. The Care
Team will handle coffee hour.

Sewer Cleanout Bids –to have better access to clean out our sewer line we will be installing a
“dual cleanout” in our east parking lot. Craig took bids from three sewer contractors and
recommended that we contract with Sewer Experts to do this work. The Vestry concurred.

Parking Lot Bids – Craig received bids from 4 contractors to reconstruct our two parking lots.
He recommended that we ask the Diocese for approval contracting with Sunland Asphalt and
that once approved we consider again whether we do one or both lots. The Vestry concurred.

Insurance Claim – we submitted a claim to recoup the cost of cleaning up the sewage that
backed up out of the floor drain in the boiler room. The cost of that clean-up was $3400 and
after our deductible the insurance company will reimburse us $2400.

Vestry Retreat Follow-up – Rae will lead a session on May 3 rd at 2 PM on organization

Next Vestry Meeting – May 14, 2024, at 4:30 pm

Minutes Prepared by:
Craig Siracusa
Vestry Clerk

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